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mrangryeyebrows .. he's a dickhead who thinks he is some sort of activist, but the only thing he is doing is being an asshole to other people for no reason. one of those 'my opinion is awesome, fuck you for having an opinion different than mine'. here is a quote from one his replies:

Their reply was:
ok, first, who are you to tell anyone else how to run a community you are not even in yet. don't apply if you don't like the guidelines.

second, do you realise that nationalism implies the idea of acting independantly from other nations in the intent of "progress"? perhaps bush was right in going against the decisions of the UN. after all we as a country know more than everyone else right? you contradicted yourself on basic vocabulary. quite sad.

third, on your sense to be above the self question, how is anyone supposed to know your opinion is valid for the world if you don't even have any self worth. there are things you have to do to change yourself before you can go pretending you can change the world. (and by you i mean anyone)

if this were a rating community, which technically it isn't, I'd kick your pretentious ass out.

a real peace of shit... this guy contradicted everything about what the community is supposed to be about ( see peace_unity ) but then again, most of these 'punks' have no fuckin clue what is going on, and they just create divisions amongst others. this one is a real winner.